Vosac Onion Bulb Extracts (200 ml)

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Conditioner Traits

Ideal For Women
Hair Type All Hair Types
Applied For Hair Volumizing

General Traits

Brand Vosac
Quantity 200 ml
Model Name Onion Bulb Extracts
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VOSAC’S ONION CONDITIONER Welcome to smooth, bouncy and shiny hair with Vosac’s Onion Conditioner. It helps revive weak, limp strands of hair.

#Allium Cepa seed oil (onion) helps to improve hair health. Use this conditioner after every wash to improve hair texture, add volume and shine.

#The ingredients like shea butter, Hibiscus flower, Grapefruit oil, Aqua, etc in this Conditioner will give extra bounce to the hair and make it shiny.

#Locks in Moisture: Shea butter in Vocac’s conditioner prevents water loss and high breakage. It retains moisture in the hair strands making them look hydrated and voluminous.

#Infused conditioner helps to form a barrier that protects and softens the strands

#Improves durability of the strands to avoid breakage, makes hair lush and build up shine.

#It is a nourishing and moisturizing conditioner suitable for all hair types and can be used after shampoo to support strengthening hair care. #Maximum Shelf Life 24 Months from the date of manufacturing. Extremely safe and Hypoallergenic : Parabens free, Phthalates free, Petroleum oils free.

#Product Benefits : Dazzle, Anti hair loss, Split Ends Repair, Breakage Control