Vosac Vitamin E & Cucumber Extracts (20 g)

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Quantity 20 g
Ideal For Women
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Vosac’s Under Eye Gel Cream with Vitamin -E and Cucumber extracts works to lighten dark circles and re-moisturize skin around the eyes. This feathery gel formula is packed with powerful natural extracts like Vitamin E, Cucumber, Caffeine, Seed oil etc to address eye area concerns like Puffiness and Under eye wrinkles. Cucumber helps in reducing pigment creations as it neutralizes the harmful free reforming produced by Sun’s Uv rays. It helps build connective tissues while keeping the skin hydrated and secure.


# Under -eye gel to make and refresh your eyes

# Made with the integrity of vitamin E, and abstracts of cucumber

# Moisturizes the under-eye area to leave it glossy and remoisturize

# Soothes the eye region to helps reduce redness and irritation

# Sheer formula absorbs quickly with no grase leftovers


# Apply 2-3 drops to finger tips

# And massage it under your eyes for 1-2 minutes in circular motion

# Leave it on overnight

# Wash off in the morning and look at radiant eyes